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            Tony:Somebody's responsible when things happen,Jack.I'm responsible.I'm taking them through.


            Alan!Alan!We need to confirm those seven tickets out of Tehran on Swiss Air.

            Official:Engell shut that down.

            Jack:I say it's back on!

            Official:I can't do it.It's back stopped.

            Jack:Wait wait,wait a minute!Wait!What the hell are you talking about,back stopped?!What the hell does that mean?

            Official:Carter gotta say yes for us to get the tickets.

            Tony:Time to go.All right.

            Jack:Where's Engell?

            Staff:He's in a meeting.

            Jack:Pull him out.Pull him out!

            Tony:Thank you.See you soon.

            Candian Ambassador:Sahar's on the bus.


            Candian Ambassador:Sahar will be fine.

            Tony:Thank you.

            Candian Ambassador:Thank you.

            Tony:You two leave right now.

            Candian Ambassador:We'll leave on the train in half an hour.


            Official:And he said no.This is not a long leisure and it never has been,and you don't decide if it goes!

            Jack:It is going!

            Official:Jack,you are this close.

            Jack:Am I?Am I really that close?

            Official:You are this Goddamn close to...

            Jack:I am not gonna leave him at the airport with six people and his dick in his hand.You tell the director to call the White House!Do your fucking job!

            Candian Ambassador:Get to your plane,Claude.

            Claude:Oui monsieur.

            Tony:First time anyone's gonna ask you a question is at the first check point.The first check point is just to get a look at your passports.Passports came straight from Ottawa last week,they're clean.

            Jack:Find White House Chief of Staff!

            Official:How would I find him?

            Jack:We're a fucking spy agency!Find him!

            Tony:The second check point is immigration.You're each gonna hand them one of these.It says that you landed in the country two days ago.They'll look for the matching white one,which doesn't exist.You'll say you don't know what happened,and if you believe they lost the white set,they'll believe it too.

            Official:Jordon's in the West Wing,he's not taking calls.

            Jack:Where are his kids?


            Jack:Where do his kids go to school?

            Official:Thank you,thank you.Pace Academy,Buckhead,Georgia.

            Staff:White House.

            Jack:Yes,this is Mr.Murphy from Pace Academy calling for Mr.Jordon.Yeah,I'm afraid it is an emergency.

            Staff:Hold for the Chief of Staff's Office.

            Tony:The third check point is the trap.It's manned by the Revolutionary Guard,most of them were educated in the U.S.and Europe,and all of them are looking for Americans.


            Jack:Jack O'Donnell from CIA...


            Jack:Iran guesthouse operation is ready now.If we don't have the President's go ahead,they are going to be captured.

            Mr.Jordon:David,pick up!