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            无敌破坏王(约翰·C·?#36947;鸍ohn C.Reilly配音)生活在一个80年代出品的低精度游戏中。他的设定身份是一个反派,每天的生活就是在游戏《快手阿修》中大搞破坏,其后由玩家操作的英雄人物快手阿修(杰克·麦克布瑞尔Jack McBrayer配音)会及时赶到进行修补,赢得奖牌,包揽一切荣耀。身为反派,破坏王厌倦了?#32422;?#30340;生活,眼看阿修被胜利者的光环围绕,?#32422;?#21364;日复一日在无趣中过活,他终于决定改变。单纯的他以为只要?#32422;閡材?#24471;到一枚奖牌,就可以摆脱反派的身份……



            Felix:Ralph,can I help you?

            Ralph:Hey,Felix.Just wanted to check on you.I saw a big explosion or something go over the building there.

            Felix:Oh,those were just fireworks.

            Ralph:Fireworks.Okay.Phewf.Somebody's birthday,or...

            Felix:Well,it's more of an anniversary.The 30th anniversary of our game,actually.

            Ralph:What?Is that today?

            Felix:I know!

            Ralph:I'm such a dummy with dates.Anyway,uh,congratulations.

            Felix:Thank you,Ralph.And to you,too.Uh...

            Glen:Hi.Just a heads-up,Felix.They're bringing out the cake in a few shakes.



            Ralph:Cake?Heard about this cake stuff.Never had it.No one ever seems to throw it out so it never ends up in the dump.I never actually tasted it.Uh...I've always wanted to try cake.

            Felix:I don't suppose you'd like to come in and have a slice,would you?


            Felix:Ah!I'm okay.I'm okay.Fit as a fiddle.Now,you all know Ralph.

            Ralph:Evening.Evening,Nell,Lucy,Don,Dana...Big Gene!

            Gene:Why is he here?

            Felix:He's just here for a slice of cake.

            Ralph:And I'm a big part of the game,technically speaking.Why are you here,Gene?

            Felix:Oh,look!The cake!Well,I'll be dipped.You've really outdone yourself,Mary.Oh,and look!There's all of us at the top.

            Mary:Each apartment is everyone's favorite flavor.Norwood's is red velvet.


            Mary:And lemon for Lucy,rum cake for Gene,and for Felix...

            Ralph:Hey,Mary.Um...What's the flavor of that mud that I'm stuck in there?


            Ralph:I've never been real fond of chocolate.

            Mary:Well,I did not know that.

            Ralph:One other little thing.I hate to be picky,but this angry little guy here...

            Mary:My cake!

            Ralph:...might be a lot happier if you put him up here with everyone else.See that.Look at that smile.

            Gene:No,no.You see,Ralph,there's no room for you up here.

            Ralph:What about this?We can make room.Here.We could take turns.Easy.

            Felix:How about we just eat the cake?

            Gene:Hang on.Felix needs to be on the roof because he's about to get his medal!

            Ralph:Then how about we just take that medal and give it to Ralph for once?Would that be the end of the world,Gene?

            Gene:Now you're just being ridiculous.Only good guys win medals,and you,sir,are no good guy.

            Ralph:I could be a good guy if I wanted to,and I could win a medal!

            Gene:Uh-huh.And when you do,come and talk to us.

            Ralph:Then would you finally let me be on top of the cake with you guys?

            Gene:If you won a medal,we'd let you live up here in the penthouse!But it will never happen because you're just the bad guy who wreck the building.

            Ralph:No,I'm not.

            Gene:Yes,you are!

            Ralph:No,I'm not!

            Gene:Yes,you are.

            Ralph:All right,Gene.You know what?I'm going to win a medal.Oh,I am going to win a medal!The shiniest medal this place has ever seen!A medal that will be so good that it will make Felix's medals wet their pants!And good night!Thank you for the party.

            Dan:Is he serious?

            Gene:Oh,please!Where's a bad guy going to win a medal?Of course he's not serious.


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