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            Louis Vuitton is bringing its luxury brand to the world of audio.The French fashion house is teaming up with New York City-based audio company Master&Dynamic to create Louis Vuitton's first branded earbuds.



            The Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones will come in four different colorway designs and are expected to retail for$995,according to High Snobiety.

            根据High Snobiety的报道,这套LV地平线耳机总共有4种颜色,预计零售价是995美元。

            If you take a look at the specs of the upcoming LV Horizon Earphones,they are basically identical to Master&Dynamic's existing MW07 earbuds.


            Both feature custom 10mm high-performance Beryllium drivers and offer 3.5 hours of continuous playback.


            The biggest difference is the fact that the Horizon Earphones sport the Louis Vuitton signature"LV"and come with a slightly different looking charging case.


            That's basically the only difference between the$299 you'd pay for the MW07s and the one grand you'd have to drop for the Horizon Earphones.


            If you find yourself enamored by the LV branding and want to completely immerse yourself in the Louis Vuitton ecosystem,last month the company also announced the second generation of its smartwatches.


            Those wearables are expected to retail for anywhere between$2,250 and$8,500 a new report from Hypebeast and will work with the Horizon Earphones.