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          《霍亂時期的愛情》(Love in the time of Cholera)是哥倫比亞作家加夫列爾·加西亞·馬爾克斯的經典小說,以嚴肅認真的筆觸,講述了一對愛人跨越半個多世紀、歷經人生百態,終成眷屬的故事。其代表之作還有《百年孤獨》,以“魔幻現實主義”著稱。






          He was still too young to know that the heart's memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good, and that thanks to this artifice we manage to endure the burden of the past.


          Always remember that the most important thing in a good marriage is not happiness, but stability.


          It was against all scientific reason for two people who hardly knew each other, with no ties at all between them, with different characters, different upbringings, and even different genders, to suddenly find themselves committed to living together, to sleeping in the same bed, to sharing two destinies that perhaps were fated to go in opposite directions.


          "Remember me with a rose," he said to her.


          "Shoot me," he said, with his hand on his chest. "There is no greater glory than to die for love."


          He managed to say to her with his last breath: "Only God knows how much I loved you."


          Encouraged by the impetuous thought that this was an arranged opportunity, Florentino Ariza crossed the street and stopped in front of Fermina Daza, so close to her that he could detect the catches in her breathing and the floral scent that he would identify with her for the rest of his life.


          He believed that when a woman says no, she is waiting to be urged before making her final decision, but with her he could not risk making the same mistake twice.


          A century ago, life screwed that poor man and me because we were too young, and now they want to do the same thing because we are too old.


          Florentino Ariza had kept his answer ready for fifty-three years, seven months, and eleven days and nights.

          "Forever," he said.