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        1. 国外网站


          来源:国外网站推荐 收录时间:2013-08-28




          A lot of people work (not too) hard to make TokyoFashion.com a reality day after day, year after year. Most of us have other jobs or projects, and this site is a fun place for us to share our common interest in Japanese fashion and our love for the crazy/amazing place that most of us call home – Tokyo.

          If you want to contact any of our contributors – for project proposals, random questions, or even marriage and/or adoption offers – please check the info below. Also, some of our past contributors have been sort of hit-and-run or they have disappeared from our radar for one reason or another (have fun in prison, guys!). To all of our missing comrades who we forget to mention by name, we thank you, too.