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        1. 國外網站


          來源:國外網站推薦 收錄時間:2013-05-07





          Once in a lifetime opportunity to attend Masterclass with highly successful photographer Natalia Melnikova coming especially from Moscow to share secrets and techniques in lighting for Boudoir

          Charming model, airy and romantic images with erotic elements, sensual and natural poses, advice from the photographer throughout the day.

          The workshop consists of 20% theory and the rest of the time we will be photographing, communicating and learning. First half of workshop will be devoted to working with natural light in studio.

          Second half of the workshop we will working with the mixed lights. As the basic light source we will be using Halogen light with "warm" color temperature. Playing with different adjustments of color temperature and mixing Halogen light with natural, we will be producing very unusual effect photographs and all of it will be accompanied by charming model and images with sensual elements.

          As a result, you will receive not only additional experience in shooting with mixed lights, but also magnificent photos for the portfolio in a slightly erotic genre.