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        1. 國外網站


          來源:國外網站推薦 收錄時間:2013-03-25






          AVITO - the largest site of free ads. Millions of people a month visit the site. Daily served hundreds of thousands of ads. Here you can easily find the right product or service for just a few minutes. For each region, and the city - its bulletin board. We have an announcement to individuals and companies, ads.You can filter the ads for the right characteristics, such as mileage, cat breed, land area, etc.

          On free classified ad Avita buy and sell all kinds of goods. The rooms and apartments, garages and parking lots, land, houses, villas, cottages, motorcycles and cars, appliances and furniture,electronics, laptops, computers, cameras and mobile phones, shoes and clothes, cats and dogs, magazines, books, bicycles, musical instruments and more. Also on AVITO could make acquaintance or find a new job.

          With Avita submit a free listing in the Internet has become easier than ever.You will need only a couple of minutes! Select a product category and city, write a title and ad text, specify the price of the product and your e-mail or phone. Add some photos - they will help to quickly sell your product. We wish bargains and sales success!