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        1. 國外網站


          來源:國外網站推薦 收錄時間:2012-12-17





          We offer cross-sectoral information and business exhibition portal OpenRussia.ru:

          This is a portal with information about tens of thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of offers.

          This is a convenient and affordable online platform for placing and effective promotion of your business offers.

          NEW!!! NOW MORE FUNCTIONAL AND INTERNETSHOP! All visitors of our site are able to buy or order any of your products or services featured on the stand! The checkout process in one step, without tedious registration and asking questions! Order form at that moment is in your mailbox (e-mail)!NEW!!! In counseling for potential buyers your products! All visitors of our site you have the opportunity to ask any question regarding the products on your stand! Only one action, and the issue is a potential customer in your mailbox (e-mail)!This is a reliable way to regional partners and the fastest way to a meeting with your client.