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          DAVID ZINN 讓城市充滿藝術感的街頭繪畫

          發布于:2014-07-10 欄目:插畫集 點擊:14096 國外網站 - 國外網站大全整理

          DAVID ZINN 讓城市充滿藝術感的街頭繪畫,DAVID ZINN是美國密歇根州安娜堡的一位插畫藝術家,他一直堅持著點綴城市的藝術項目,那就是用粉筆在城市中的大街小巷中創作自己的街頭藝術,自學成才的他從2008年就開始了街頭創作。

          DAVID ZINN 讓城市充滿藝術感的街頭繪畫1


          DAVID ZINN 讓城市充滿藝術感的街頭繪畫2

          Do you remember Sluggo, a bright green inhabitant of Ann Arbor, Michigan, we wrote about almost two years ago? Chalk-drawn by a local artist David Zinn, this little fellow has been playing on the streets, peeking out of wall cracks, riding snow waves, and putting smiles on passers-by ever since he first appeared in 2008.

          DAVID ZINN 讓城市充滿藝術感的街頭繪畫3

          Self-taught David Zinn uses simple colored chalks and always improvises on location “while simultaneously sneaking “pointless” art into the world at large.” Besides drawing, Zinn has taught creative writing and scenic painting, performed in and directed several operas, recorded audiobooks, and hosted children’s radio shows.

          DAVID ZINN 讓城市充滿藝術感的街頭繪畫4

          DAVID ZINN 讓城市充滿藝術感的街頭繪畫5

          DAVID ZINN 讓城市充滿藝術感的街頭繪畫6

          DAVID ZINN 讓城市充滿藝術感的街頭繪畫7

          DAVID ZINN 讓城市充滿藝術感的街頭繪畫8