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          Artyom Chebokha 夢幻插畫作品集

          發布于:2013-09-30 欄目:插畫集 點擊:14611 國外網站 - 國外網站大全整理

          Artyom Chebokha 夢幻插畫作品集

          Artyom Chebokha 夢幻插畫作品集,Artyom Chebokha是俄羅斯的一位插畫藝術家,擅長于創作數字化的夢幻作品,他向人們展示了光怪陸離的幻想之城。

          Artyom Chebokha 夢幻插畫作品集1

          Artist Artyom Chebokha, aka Rhads, dreams up all kinds of surreal moments in his spectacular digital creations. In each painting, he creates a swirling blur of land and sky, ships and animals, and even gondolas floating along the clouds. In the enchanting scenes filled with flying fish venturing off into the distance and giant whales emerging from unexpected places, viewers are introduced to stunning visual adventures that don't quite make sense.

          Artyom Chebokha 夢幻插畫作品集2

          The artist uses soft color palettes that naturally blend together to produce soothing gold and blue hues. Rhads pays incredible attention to the details of light and shadow, which evoke dramatic emotion within each painting. With titles like Infinite Dreams,Kingdom of Imagination, and Endless Journey, Rhads invites his viewers to create our own imaginative narratives that lead wherever our hearts desire.

          Artyom Chebokha 夢幻插畫作品集3

          Artyom Chebokha 夢幻插畫作品集4

          Artyom Chebokha 夢幻插畫作品集5

          Artyom Chebokha 夢幻插畫作品集6

          Artyom Chebokha 夢幻插畫作品集7

          Artyom Chebokha 夢幻插畫作品集8