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          Marius Vieth 都市街頭意境攝影作品集

          發布于:2015-03-06 欄目:攝影 點擊:2224 國外網站 - 國外網站大全整理

          Marius Vieth 都市街頭意境攝影作品集,來自德國的Marius Vieth是一位街頭攝影師,她周游世界各地,抓拍城市中的精彩瞬間,他所有的攝影藝術都是圍繞著人與城市。

          Marius Vieth 都市街頭意境攝影作品集

          兩年前只是業余愛好,Marius Vieth堅持了一整年的 365 日攝影計劃,后斷斷續續獲得德國國內外大小攝影獎項。挑選一組遠去的背影,在都市充滿著詩意和神秘。從紐約到首爾、中國長城都有他的身影。

          Marius Vieth 都市街頭意境攝影作品集2

          My name is Marius Vieth, I'm a 26 year old German fine art photographer with a focus on street photography. To capture incredible moments I'm traveling all around the world, but I call the wonderful city of Amsterdam my home. Before I found my passion in photography, I graduated with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Communication Studies, Psychology and Marketing.

          Marius Vieth 都市街頭意境攝影作品集3

          My art revolves around the human element in an urban world. In the heart of the city hustle from New York to Seoul I give unique everyday characters the stage they deserve. Sometimes in poetic infatuation or deep admiration, sometimes in mystic surrealism. Whether in vivid colors or distinct black and white, all art works unites a clear, distinctive style: gentle, bold and intense.

          Marius Vieth 都市街頭意境攝影作品集4

          As far as my gear is concerned, I have something I like to call "Gear Avoidance Syndrome". I only own one camera and one lens in order to think as little as possible in terms of technical aspects and as much as possible in creative aspects.

          Marius Vieth 都市街頭意境攝影作品集5

          When I'm not taking photos or taking care of NEOPRIME, I love to cook, meditate, go for a run, watch tv shows or old movies and have fun with my friends and family. And I love pugs. A lot.

          Marius Vieth 都市街頭意境攝影作品集6

          Marius Vieth 都市街頭意境攝影作品集7

          Marius Vieth 都市街頭意境攝影作品集8